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"For over thirty years we have personally helped thousands of tax professionals make great career decisions while helping tax and financial leaders build world class tax departments. My founding business principle has always been grounded in the firm belief that if tax professionals and tax leaders are given timely, relevant and accurate data, they will make great personal career decisions and more effective staffing decisions for the tax departments they work for and lead.

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Staying true to my belief, I was able to build a highly successful executive tax consulting, recruiting and staffing portfolio with incredible tax professionals and clients. I was also able to expand my vision by engaging hand-selected team members to adopt my beliefs and service values through my companies TaxSearch,Inc. and TaxTalent.

Today, I am more determined than ever to increase our investment in the systems and technologies that will deliver more relevant data in a timely manner to an even greater audience. With that in mind, we are launching the world’s first career management community at the new TaxTalent.com. This latest venture will expand our ability to help even more tax professionals and tax leaders - far beyond what I alone or my staff could do through our traditional one-on-one communications business model.

By connecting to an even greater number of tax professionals, financial leaders and human resource experts in a secure online platform, we can now provide the tax community with all our tax career knowledge combined with the best-in-practice experience from other tax professionals and tax leaders. By providing the right data at the right time, we should be able to eliminate the old adage “if I only knew then what I know now” by increasing the success rate of any tax career decision.

I am delighted to say, after years of preparation and development we are ready to introduce you to the world’s first Career Management Community at the new TaxTalent.com. On behalf of everyone involved, I want to thank you for joining us in this exciting journey and invite you to learn more about this product, our vision and how you can participate in this new era of making better tax career decisions!"

-Tony Santiago, President of TaxSearch, Inc. and TaxTalent, Inc.